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Message to our Customers - Coronavirus Update


In order to keep our staff and other customers safe it is mandatory to sanitise your hands an also wear a mask or visor at all times when at John A Stephens this includes being in the Yards, Counter Sales and Shop facilities at both Castle Meadow Road & West Bridgford branches.

Trading will be as normal as possible & will be conducted within the Government's Stay Alert guide lines.
With this in mind could all customers please bear with us and uphold all social distancing and safety guidelines, to keep us all safe.





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Air source heat pumps are a good choice for home heating. Rising energy costs now mean that air source heat pumps are a realistic alternative to conventional fossil-fuel heating systems.

Compared to other more traditional heating methods air source heat pumps can benefit homeowners by creating savings on annual energy bills, cutting down on dependency on fossil fuels, making them less susceptible to price rises, and reducing some of the carbon emissions from UK domestic heating, which is currently approx 30% of our total emissions.

Air source heat pumps use basic principles to convert latent heat (within the ambient air ) into heat energy that in turn can be used to provide heating (especially good when used with underfloor heating) and hot water. This means an air source heat pump can be classified as a renewable energy source because the heat in the ambient air is replenished by the sun.

The two main types of air source heat pumps are ; air to air and air to water. Air to air heat pumps release captured energy through an air heat exchanger, which is forced ( by fan ) around a dwelling through a ducting system or directly into the room. Air to water heat pumps release energy into a water circuit and then used in wet systems such as radiators and underfloor heating.

At John A Stephens Nottingham we can help you with your requirements for Air Source Heat Pumps. Please get in touch for more info.

Grant UK Air Source Heat Pumps

For more information on Grant Uk and their Air Source Heat Pumps please click here.



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