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In order to keep our staff and other customers safe it is mandatory to sanitise your hands an also wear a mask or visor at all times when at John A Stephens this includes being in the Yards, Counter Sales and Shop facilities at both Castle Meadow Road & West Bridgford branches.

Trading will be as normal as possible & will be conducted within the Government's Stay Alert guide lines.
With this in mind could all customers please bear with us and uphold all social distancing and safety guidelines, to keep us all safe.





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Biomass is biological material derived from living or recently living organisms. In the context of biomass for energy this often means plant based materials i.e wood (in the form of pellets or chips), but can equally apply to animal or vegetable derived material.

Wood Pellet Boilers

Wood pellet boilers are a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way of heating the home using wood pellets as fuel. Differing from traditional solid fuel boilers the units are automatically fed, so behave more like a gas or oil fired unit, using controls to regulate the fuel being delivered to the burner to match the demand for output. The process of burning wood produces ash, so wood pellet boilers require a certain amount of cleaning and maintenance, this however can be addressed by recent advances in self-cleaning boiler design, reducing the need for cleaning to once a year under normal operating conditions.

Wood Pellets

The pellets themselves are usually cylindrical in shape and made from compressed sawdust, which is often the waste products from the timber industry i.e sawmills. They are fused by the natural lignin present in dry wood. Pellets are very low in moisture content which helps consistent combustion efficiency as any water content must be evaporated before combustion can occur. Efficiency of combustion is also aided by the very dense nature of the pellets. As sawdust is a waste product of the sawmill industry or has been sourced from managed forest projects wood pellets are classed as a renewable, low carbon fuel source. Pellets are supplied in bags of various sizes, typically 10kg, or alternatively delivered in bulk loads of 5 tonne by tanker and blown into storage hoppers through a flexible hose. Buying in bulk this way is a lot cheaper than buying smaller bags, but fuel hoppers or storage sheds need to be provided.

At John A Stephens Nottingham we can help you with your requirements for Biomass Boilers. Please get in touch for more info.

Grant UK Wood Pellet Biomass Boilers

For more information on Grant UK and the Wood Pellet Biomass Boilers please click here.

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