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Drinking water is much too valuable to use for toilet flushing or watering the garden. So rainwater harvesting is not only sensible but also has economical and ecological benefits.

Rainwater harvesting saves groundwater supplies.

Rainwater harvesting reduces costs of water treatment and transport.

Rainwater harvesting counters ever rising water bills.

Rainwater harvesting relieves stress on an already overworked sewer system by retaining water at peak rainfall times by retaining water for later use.

Rainwater harvesting can reduce household use of potable water by up to at least 50%.

New generation tanks are designed and developed for easy, safe quick on site assembly and installation. Shipped in two half shells the new tanks can be assembled without screws in only a few minutes and can be disassembled at anytime. Centering bolts ensure the correct and easy assembly of the two halves preventing leaks. EPDM material used in the profile seals has been laboratory tested to last at least 25 years.


Tanks individually tailored for in house or garden use in tanks sizes ranging from 2700 ltr with larger tanks available for commercial applications ie. Schools, factories etc.

Groundwater stable to the middle of the tank due to extremely stable construction, the larger 2700 litre and 3500 litre tanks are stable up to top edge of the tank.

Tanks also available for high water table applications.

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Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting

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