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Most of us don't understand energy. Why should we? We have never been taught it. For most of us the problem starts with the bill, a load of numbers in no apparent order and a large number with a £ sign at the bottom for us to pay. So it makes sense that you get the skills and knowledge of an impartial expert. Remember, a unit of energy saved is exactly the same as a unit of energy generated renewably, but which costs you more? So it all starts with an assessment and Masterplan.

From the information that we have gathered in our assessment, combined with our in depth knowledge of green energy solutions, we are now able to create your Energy Masterplan. This lists all the best solutions for you and presents them in a simple to understand format.

Basically we will list the best ways you can save money on your energy bills in order of relevance and savings/cost. This means that you can choose the solutions you want to suit your lifestyle and budget. It also puts you in a fantastic position of understanding your premises, where it effectively 'leaks' energy and how you can best 'plug' it.

So what do I do next?

Head over to one of the areas below depending on whether you are domestic or commercial.

The Green Energy Centre Efficiency Survey for businesses

The Green Energy Centre Efficiency Survey for homes